On this post I will talk about my massage & personal care studio located in ciudad de panama, an I will Share some ideas on choosing a good SPA, so your visit is memorable:


If there is a nice SPA near home, or on your way from work, thats ok, but you can also look for some nice place so you can visit on some special ocasions….


1. Wheather you are looking for a massage or a body care session, make sure the service is good, that is the most important, you must leave fully satisfied at the end.


2. Love the place. It does not have to be the most expensive or offer great luxury.  

But is has to be special….From the entrance you must receive a nice wellcome, the enviroment should be depply  relaxing.  The spa room shoud be really special.


3. If you get to know a nice therapist, ask for him/her.  it is very important the empathy and trust between you, so you can fully close your eyes and disconnect.


What makes my massage & body care studio special?  

image (5)

1. I am located very near ciudad de panama, but away from the noise & traffic, the neighborhood is quiet


2. As you can see in the picture, it is spacious, clean & organize.


3. There is only one client at a time, you won’t see other people, nor you will have to wait in line to be attended.


4. Y try my best to offer effective & deep relaxing massages, and good quality body care sessions



In case you want to check all the services and products available, just clic the next box

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